The girl of my dreams

Who is that?
Those that saw her gasped… she was the girl of my dreams.

I pinched myself to make sure I was awake, sure enough – there she stood…
our eyes met, she smiled. I could have died happy there and there.

She was alone. I walked across the street towards her…
…she turned to face me.

From behind me somebody bumps me as he ran by.
He embraces her… they kiss, my heart dies.

They walk away and I turn back towards my friends,
suddenly I feel as if there was something behind me…
…I turn around.

As the girl of my dreams walks away she glances back…
…she winks at me,
…I hear a sudden sound behind me,
…I look – a bus is hurtling at me…

I awake in bed, I give a sigh of relief…
…then I feel her next to me and I am happy.

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