At the beginning

Today I stand on the edge once more.
Yesterday has passed; my deadline has come.
I stand at the crossroads of my life.

Stretching before me along my path is an image.
This image is of things possible and of things to come.
Yet I have stood at this path before more than once.
In fact I’ve chosen my path to take long ago, yet…
I’ve returned once more to this place.

I said before that I know what to do,
I Shall go from this state of being and improve myself,
I shall not be content with less, yet…
I’ve returned once more to this place.

I can not say how I find myself back here.
I do not know how I came to the path I took.
Yet I’ve returned to this place once more.
I stand at the edge and… once more I take the leap.

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  1. Love your work, and hope that oneday you will be able to do what you realy and truly wants to do...major in English literature.


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