An Unforgettable Event

During the day all was strangely calm, never had I seen the lake so quiet.
Restlessness would not abate for I could not shake the feeling of being watched.
All looked as it should, the wind was blowing, woodland noises came and went.
Given a day like this we would normally spend it on the lake, yet…
…only it was no normal day; I could feel a call invoking me to come…
…never before had I felt such a pull, a yearning to follow a call.

Reckless perhaps was I to venture forth as night laid claim to the sky.
Everything was telling me to return home and bolt the door.
But I did not, I stepped forth and found my feet had a mind of their own.
On the edge of the lake I found a raft, strange I thought never to have seen it before.
Returning home was no option now I could not resist the call.
Never one to back down from a fight I rowed out to the centre of the black lake.

Many a man had heard the call that was to claim me tonight, yet none answered.
As this was my destiny I now recall in fondness how terrified I was at first sight.
Sinister it looked glowing near core and axis of the lake’s bottom.
Trust was difficult for the calling was leading me below and I was bound to follow.
Entering the blackness it felt like the day of days finally arrived.
Reckoning would take place this night to see if I was worthy.

Placing the small round stone on the raft it glowed from within with stronger beat.
Lost was I as to what to do, when voice on breeze came at me that night.
Enter into bondage with me and I shall bestow all my gifts onto thee…
…Do you accept this charge I place or shall I return into the night.
Grasping where the voice came from I could not find my voice.
Everything I had learned till then said run, but I felt it in my heart.
Dragon Reborn and Master Pledged walked away into the night.

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