In Silence they pretend.

No protection for them, other than what is offered.
Pretending to sleep, like mice they seem to be.
Soon the tears will flow, the innocence now lost.

A childhood too soon brought to end, they hear it all.
The shouting, the yelling, the fights and most of all the silence.
Surely this can’t go on forever, soon they will stop.

“It is no use hiding, the sound follows you around”…
…a brother hugs his sister.

“Hush now, and back to bed, they may check on us soon”…
…and back to their beds they sneak.

Scared and frightened, bed covers too tight are hugged once more.
Sleep is no option, even as the sound fades away.
For they are to young to comprehend, too small to patch the dread….
…in silence they pretend too sleep as the bedroom light turns on.

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