The need for inspiration.

I have imagined a refashioning for the world,
To release our inner strength and passion,
The certainty of my conviction holds back the dark night,
It transcends the masses of grinding feet on earth,
Covers the storms unleashed by the crush… crush… crush.

I doubt not that it will enlist madmen and the sane, infectious as it is,
All type of beings will flock to its creed of guilt and anguish,
To consume and be devoured by the creation of its foundations,
All will love it and despair.

I suppose that the beauty of all women, their treachery, lust and…
…faith shall set them free in the end.

I trust that the strength of all men, their warmongering, duplicity and…
…conviction shall set them free in the end.

I have envisaged the madness, the inexplicable truth and lunacy of stories,
Long forgotten, mentioned in passing and never to be repeated,
Carried on by the wisdom of statesmen and shaman alike,
Told throughout the past, future and present.

I have come to believe that there is such a thing as an imagination…
…and it requires inspiration.

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