I am your Father

At the conclusion of time the heavens will breathe fire.
It shall be followed by the pure darkness of malice.
From the corners of existence all will gather together.

The few that survive shall live in pure darkness.
Mistrust shall breed till it consumes the earth.
Brother will stand unyielding against brother.

Neither shall take the first step to absolution.
Thus I impeach all mankind to a debt of belief and faith...
…in each solitary person a conviction must bask.

Or I shall smite man down from my gaze.
Woman shall bare no more fruit in her arms.
The very world will revolt against its steward.
For the Kingdoms of this World are Mine and…
…I shall reign for ever and ever.

Do not misuse this gift of life I bestow on you.
Embrace it and choose what you yearn to do with it.
I shall influence you in no other way than to declare…
…I am vengeful but I am also forgiving and just.

Come to me my flock, for I am your Shepard.
At the conclusion of time when the heavens breathe fire,
and the darkness breeds mistrust in you and your brother…
…come to me and give me your faith.

Believe in Me and I shall save you a seat at my table…
…and I shall yet again wash away your sins anew,
…for you are My children and I am your Father.

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