In the End.

The passage through peak and valley has come to end.
The journey long and cold has finally reached its conclusion.
The toll may just be enough to kill me or strand me.

A mountain crossed where before there was no path.
A river crossed in torrential heavy downpour.
A desert crossed where no haven came to save me.

Was it worth all the blood and tears?
Was it truly the work of saints or the pleasure of rogues?
Was it a legacy worth leaving to the world?

Yet, If not for the passage I would not have known beauty.
Yet, If not for the journey I’d know no difference to pleasure.
Yet, If not for the toll I would have no legacy to leave.

Isn’t it strange that as the end nears one starts to question all.
Isn’t it funny how something can be false and one still cherish it.
Isn’t it grand how the pain and suffering can be forgot.

Where shall I go to now the question burns from me.
Where shall I be able to find peace and solitude.
Where shall I be able to recall it all and yet still be sheltered.

…in the end I found the answer was easy.
…in the end I knew where to go and what to do.
…in the end I went home to my family.

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