A Letter Of Regret

Angel I am so sorry for the way I chose to do this.

Letters are seldom the best way to express regret and sorrow.
Early too late I thought how best to soften the blow.
Talking face to face I could not do, for my tears would drown us both.
Treasure of my heart you must know the fault is all my own.
Evil condemned me for the deed I could not keep from myself.
Reading this you will find I left in flight during the night.

Trust is something I stole from you without your knowledge.
Oh, if only I had not done it, we could’ve been good you and me.

Your wondering what I did that caused my flight aren’t you…
Other than to say in time you might understand; all I can say is I love you.
Underneath all my bravado I am and will always be a coward and traitor.

Forgive me for he meant nothing, as I lay in his arms I thought only of you.
Reasons aplenty there were, I wasn’t myself that day… I was angry at the world…
Oh if only one of them would sound good enough… my grief would be for naught.
My heart is shattered beyond repair and I fear I’ll do the same to you.

My fondest hope is that you shall meet someone worthy of your love.
Envious of her I’ll always be… farewell my love.

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