The development of man

Awkwardly a youth approached the demi-eternal,
Racked with trepidation he wanted to voice his desire,
Terrified of answers he might receive, he was struck dumb.
Inspiration came with a flash of perception…
…sure of himself he stood upright.

Clearing his thoughts, he focused on the demi-eternal,
Oh mighty one, I have come to you since I yearn for inspiration,
My mind’s a twirl with fright, yet still I crave your response,
My question once asked can not be undone, yet ask I must.
Eyeing the man it replied; ask newborn but I pledge nothing.
Raising his head the man’s query erupted from him.

Can you explain to me why do we need art?
Indifferent to the question the demi-eternal replied.
Answer this rather pubertal and consider your answer…
…lest I devour the infantile you are till only your residue is left.
State if it would matter to you, lest art dwindle from earth since…
…understanding means nothing if flawed questions are asked.

Is it important to me or to the earth? Does it matter?
Confused the man reflects on this a while.
Is it significant? Yes, for the reason that...
…drawing on art allows for progression on earth.

Enlightened answer adolescent, the demi-eternal bowed.

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