In that crumpled old bed you lay.
…Ancient you’d become before your time.

Taken from me in time of need,
…You rushed the creed you took the day I was born
…To make a man of me.

As I leave that crumpled old bed I rush away through corridors more ancient…
…and hollow than thee…
…I dare not speak.

Now you’ve gone to where the spirits go to take their leave…
…beyond the veiled curtain of water aglow
…to distant shores of lands unknown.

I wish you wouldn’t go,
…yet I know if you could you would’ve stayed,
…forlorn your time has come.

Childlike I cried… for the timing was most cruel.
…You left as my transformation began,
…you left weak and deprived

You left me with your strength…
…your strength to become a man.

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