Highway to Nowhere

Eons it seems I’ve sat in this seat with bluish flecks attacking me day &
…At times it is almost as if I need not be there, yet I know I must go on,
…I shall not go back; in fact I mean never to return,
…How my life would differ if not for that fateful day,
…I can still hear the scream of anguish ringing through the night,
…It echo’s in my dreams - never ending, on and on it goes.

I see headlights in the distance behind me, it is them…
…I’d know those bluish lights anywhere,
…They never seem to catch up, yet I can’t seem to escape them,
…Like a predator’s eyes they look in the rear view mirror,
…Haunting my thoughts at day and stalking me at night,
…In and out of my vision they go.

I turn at a junction and switch off my own lights…
…Silently I pray that they will pass me by,
…The predator eyes come closer and closer,
…I feel as if they are focusing onto me,
…Surely I can not be seen behind all these trees,
…Yet closer and closer these villainous eyes come.

I sigh in relief as they pass by in the darkness…
…I have a few hours now before they find me again,
…These are the only times I dare to sleep,
…The times I plan my route – my flight away from terror,
…I brake the silence once more by starting the motor,
…Chanting my prayer over and over.

“Protect me from an empty tank; protect me from an empty hart,
…keep away this terror of the dark; never let it catch me,
…on this highway to nowhere…”

The light that comes into existence from the darkness shatters my hope,
…The eyes are back and coming for me; I can escape them no more.

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