The absent vagrant

Educated beyond what once was mere mortal and now all but husk.
The last of his kind he is not, yet none would claim him now.
Substance of the defeated few would dare approach what once was proud.
Worst fear seemingly truth, he plodders onward in search of hope.

Who would dare to guess the intellect hidden beyond glazed despair?
To look at him was not possible, for none can see what they despise.
Misery is now his constant companion; loneliness consuming his heart.
Worst fear becoming truth, he lengthens his stride in search of hope.

Steps taken ostensibly in certainty now glare in glee at his deceit.
If one was to scrape of the crust no answers would be found.
The prestige now gone, the honour consumed the loneliness profound.
Worst fear now truth, no more steps are taken in false hope. 


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