The wrong time to be a South African

Anywhere in Gauteng @ midnight outdoors on your own.
When you can’t smuggle beer into a rugby game.
When you apply for a post in America & they ask you what affirmative action is.
When you whistle at a blond on the street and she turns out to be a he.

When you are in England and they start talking about cricket.
When you are in Australia and they start talking about rugby.
When you are in Germany and they start talking about soccer.
When you are in Greece and they want to know what biltong is.

When the Rand finally stops falling and stabilizes @ R25 to £1.
When the petrol increases on every 1st wednesday of the month.
When talk turns to World Cup ’99 rugby or cricket.
When it rains for 2 Days in Durban and all you can think of is the beach.

When your meat and braai is ready, your last match broke to light the fire…
…and Hansie isn’t answering his phone to fix it.

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