In legitimacy do we trust?

Standing on the periphery, I gape at what I hear.
Despondent this news; I fear our repute a fatal blow has taken.
Ashamed I feel; for have we learned nothing these past decades?
Staring at the source of my sorrow; I can’t take it anymore.
Template of our past; the future looks so bleak.

Overconfident the regime once more unveiled their arrogance.
Undaunted; they have denied entrance to one of the greats!!
Astounding; the pure audacity, unreal it seems to me.
Who would have guessed; none I dare say!!

Albeit explained, I fear the justification is even worse.
The truth must out; this folly must not go unpunished!!
Absent the fear of reprisal, our pockets will rule our hearts.
Stories aplenty there will be of gluttony, voracity and greed.

Would any of them have feared our reverberations?
Astonishingly; I now dread that none would have.
Exhaling the anguish I declare to fight for what is right!!
Standing up; we the righteous declare our might.

Affronted; a man of peace was turned away!
Mortified we are of you; our ambassadors to the world.
Guilty you are; none can deny their role in this.
Accomplished much we could have; yet now it is too late.

Standing near his aura; the world could heal its wounds, yet…
…denied entry; the Dali Lama had to turn away!!

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