Tainted lights

Light has three bequests of all that it embraces.

Its 1st bequest is disclosure…
…in light our false facades come undone and all is known,
…our souls shiver, decaying to the recesses of our past indiscretions,
…our grandest revelations contrasts our silent cries of shame,
…it glares in our eyes hiding the deceits of others.
Light can not shield us from the unknown, thus leads us to our doom.

Its 2nd bequest is a thankless reality…
…in light the harshness of our life’s come to the fore,
…darkness seems far from us yet it surrounds us always,
…our mind's eye return’s to slumber beneath our daily toil,
…after every day the darkness always flays the light.
Light is a delusion, and becomes fleeting at best.

Its 3rd bequest is the darkness itself…
…in light we can not see the darkness that surrounds us,
…we measure the cycles of time that flows ever past us,
…the vast darkness can not hope to survive,
…yet the darkness conveys the light in itself.
Light with each rout of darkness, thus more tainted becomes.

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