June you were meant to make your appearance.
Oh how you surprised us April 13th 2001!
Hello small one! Welcome to the world!
Nephew of mine, John David McIntyre.

David of the bible had his Goliath,
And so do you, although I dare say your enemy is bigger.
Victory in the end shall also be yours.
If needed be I shall make this reality.
Death shall take me first before I give up.

Sitting on my lap, I fell in love with you.
Usually not the type to cry, I drenched my clothes this day.
Perhaps you don’t understand,
Everything I do from this day forth is dedicated to you.
Rain, nor snow, the postman, nor kitchen sink shall stop me.
Superstar, of everything you shall have at least one.
Talk is cheap, yet this I declare today.
Always in my heart you shall be; my thoughts won’t stray.
Rocked my world you have; my angel in disguise.

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  1. Brilliant....there was only one of him and how do we miss him.


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