Teaching a king

Standing on a lake of doubt the young sire heaves himself upright.
Shoo, be off! He hears the cry ringing through the sky.
Fingering the bag of knowledge he turns away.
As soon as he leaves the yard the yelling wench retreats inside.

Silly really the reason is, why he can’t stay to play
As it was I who gave it, I’ll tell the reason why.

Address your lack of knowledge young sire!
Sanity and ability go hand in hand!
Immerse yourself in both and never shall you stray.
Entice the mistress; she’s no fool!

Thank you sire! You can’t deny it’s a good day to try!
Many are the idle times still to come for playing and the sort!
Trap the knowledge; don’t let it slide.
Edward! You are king to be! You can not behave in such a way!

Study young sire! Study and don’t think it’s for naught!
For you will reap the rewards when atop the throne a-judging us you are!

Twirl the mistress and all those with knowledge of her about you
Praise them, entice them, and don’t let them leave!
Sire! Sire! Don’t fall asleep!
Start the day afresh!
Terrible the day will be... a king who can not read!

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