Grave is the yearning of my discontent.
Arrived at dawn I now slumber in suspense.
Remote is my plight to the grime of life.
Destined for glory my existence was severed.
Entombment is all that awaits me now.
Not long now before the pronouncement.

Only the mist of dreams moistens my being.
Forever denied the pleasures of mortal sins.

Remember me! I cry alone in silence.
Entering the fissure I dread a mere 6 feet of hell.
Memories of valour come flooding to me.
Etched in stone they all crave release.
My mind burns with image after image.
Bump goes my tomb as i reach the infinite base.
Rest easy… they call down to me.
Alas I answer them not, for I have no prose.
Now my essence gives lie to the danger.
Courage my son! My father whispers…
…Entombed in my grave I hear no further.

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