To understand the world as a whole you need to compare it to different variables… Variables in a word are diverse, it could be that the world is compared to the buzz of a bee, the flight of an eagle, a sunset/sunrise or even as in this case an entire world and its surrounding star system…
What would happen if a culture or world believes it has seen and done all that can be seen and done, that everything they experience has already been experienced. Would it drive them mad or would it make them strive for exceptional one-time experiences?

In this world I’m about to tell you about the latter case happened, this world was called Arora’L. It is situated in the echo quadrant of space called A’Arora”L and it is populated by humanoid reptilians who live for 10 000 years each. It needs to be mentioned that their language can’t be entirely translated correctly, since they have split lips and two tongues each. Thus they tend to add “ished’L”, “ish”, “ed’L”, etc to their words.

Also a little background is needed on the characters… Adam and Janine are boyfriend and girlfriend, Calvin is Adam’s brother, Janilal’L is Janine’s brother and Profish Tony is a professor in Nuclear Waste Disposal, also Bolain Fluwish fever is a form of nuclear flue.


“Adam is 2 hours late!” said Janine. She had probably worn 2 inches off the mapped rug depicting the state of A’Arora’L. “Calm down, he’ll be here shortly it’s only blooming in 10 minutes…”

“…I can’t believe the nerfish of him, being late for the blooming of the only green rose ever to be grown on Arora’L!!” “How dareish he!!”

“Sorry, I’m a bit late!! Ran into Profish Tony and spilled all of her papers. Couldn’t just leave her with such a mesh you know! Took me over 1 and a half hours to get all of it sorted and she refused to let me go until I had apologizedish’d in all 11 tongeish of A’Arora’L!!”

“Oh Adam, I didn’t even notice you were late!! Foolish boy, lets go inside its almost time and Janilal’L is saving our seats for us. I hope he got good ones this time, last time he got seats for us at the last water drop they were right at the back!!”

“Oh you’re a dolish’L Janine. I thought you were gonna be so mad at me!!” said Adam, looking sidewayish at me and winking, I just knew he’d overslept again…

The holoish hall was bristling with activity when we entered, everyone who was anyone on Arora’L or any of the stellar planets of our system was here. “There he is in the front!! Wow how’ish he get those seats? Janilal’L, here we are!!”

“Took your time again didn’t you Adam?! Oh hi Janine, ….Calvin, you like the seats? Got the tickets from Profish Tony you know!!”

“Wow, Adam just ran into her…” I said and got an evil eyeish from Adam. “You don’t say… she’s gonna be here in a minute also, that’s how I got the tickets. She was going to bring her family, but her twins got Bolain fluwish fever and her husband staid at home to look after them.”

“Hey, it’s going to start blooming, quiet down in front!!” yelled a rather overdressed fat lady from behind us. The lights dimmed, the holoish hall projector powered on and there evolved the picture of the unbloomed green rose.

The entire Arora’L population counted down the last 10 seconds before blooming. “10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Now!!” but nothing happened. The green rose was still unbloomed, people started booing and yelling for refunds. “I wonder what happened? Could the time projectors have callculatish’dL it wrong?” asked Adam. “I doubt it, they’re usually very good at this kind of mathamaticalish calculatish” said Janilal’L.
The timer was going at -10 seconds already, when suddenly it started
counting backwards!! Someone in the crowd noticed and started yelling with everyone joining in “-9… -8… -7… -6… -5… -4… -3… -2… -1…”

After that the galaxy never spoke of Arora’L again, for in their race to find something new to entertain them, the people of the star system A’Arora’L were vaporised by the explosion of the green rose’s blooming.


  1. I wonder if you believe that it's a lesson to be learnt? ... to be satisfied with what is?

    It was great the way you involved us in their life story to then have it abruptly end! I was a bit 'shocked' and had to read the last paragraph over again.

  2. It depends on what lesson is learned i think, although i understand that one should be satisfied with status quo, i feel that nobody is. :)

    Thank you for the commentary.

  3. Looking back on this it feels like a bit of to much introduction on characters.... hmmm maybe a edit is needed...


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