Till Kingdom Come

Madam you never disappoint
I can not WILL NOT go to bed
Sleep shall not come
Till you’ve rated my…
Alas I wish it was not so!
Lost are the hours I’m meant to slumber.

Inspiration I acquire from your meaningful comments
Simply put... easily you could be my grand muse

Morning comes I pray for calm
Afraid I’ll have to linger till kingdom come.
Remembering to breath…
I scrutinize your proclamation
Angered you I pray I have not …
Noting whether I had disappointed…
Answering all thy questions…

Shocking is thy proclamation each time
Not once have I dishonoured your most worthy time.
You’ve rated me once more!
Most graciously you’ve been!
Alas I can not agree, you’ve been to kind indeed!
Neither good nor masterful am I, yet I thank you, thank you, thank you!

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