Dungeon of Calm

Forever this dream has gone on, I can't seem to wake.
Random Images of torture come racing through my dreams.
Familiars' … all of them.

The Dreamscape changes, tranquil it seems.
Dragons flying, maggots are swimming through bark and limb.
Even the rodents seem to have a purpose, knibbling at my feet.

Strange how one becomes used to no sounds from living things.
I can't remember the feel of grass.
Running water haunts me with the drip drip drip of the tap in the corner

How I came to be here, I am yet to learn…

Surely I must have done some great evil to merit this punishment?
This darkness seems too strong for me, my sanity is failing…
…if it has not already deserted me, soon it shall.

There is no purpose other than to linger on…
…The master of this domain has me in his talons completely.
…There can be no escape for he knows all.
…His disciples and spies are everywhere.
…They hunger for the mere scraps he provides and tell all to gain his favor.

I shall never do so…
…Ah this must be my curse,
…My reason for isolation and deprivation.

In a flood the memories come rushing back…
…until I am drifting in a lake filled with my tears,
…my sorrows,
…my anger and my frustration.

I had done nothing to deserve this level of retribution.
My imprisonment is unjust!
I can feel the evil start to spread throughout my body!
I am becoming that what I am already unjustly accused of!

Standing up with evil in my heart I devour all around me.
I am strong now, I have broken the bonds.
I am unafraid to stand my ground.
None shall ever harm me.

Come at me all Yea who plot my downfall.
I am ready.
I am ready.

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