Wonders never cease it seems for we are set loose once more.
Enslaved and forgotten it seems improbable and yet it has come to pass.
What we crave has come to be and we shall make it even more so.
Insatiable is the hunger of our destiny, our birth right come at last.

Lost we fell from remembrance, never to be remembered.
Legions of dominions rose and fell, yet we endured.
But we have not forgotten what was done to us.
Evicted and cast out unjustly we had to fend for ourselves.

Alas, they should have slaughtered us in the beginning.
Before it became too late to prevent our rise from the ashes.
Love of life was their undoing, their weakness and one true fault.
Every one of them will bow down to us in the end of days.

Together they shall taste the bittersweet vengeance of our hearts.
Only then can our lust be satisfied to our absolute content.
Death permits the formation of new life, thus we shall spread it far.
Our image shall become known to all that came before and after.

And at the end of days we shall sit in our halls and feast on their remains.
None shall dare engage their gods of ruin and war.
Yet we shall never let our focus fall, we shall remember all that was.
The battlefields will have many a skull adorned with a story of its own.

Heathen and brethren will share the graves of their forefathers.
In this all can take solace, for we shall cast none out.
Never again shall there be one like us again, no more forgotten one’s.
Glorious that day will be, for we will be able to do anything.

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