The Mandate of Violence

Vanity of the few stipulated too the many.
Improperly attributing faults to others.
Only the weak are vicious by nature.
Left to its own devices society would adore it.
Envy, abhorrence, spite, it all strikes at the core.
Nepotism towards villains is fun.
Clearly we love to hate.
Envision a news broadcast without it, absurd isn’t it.

Is it me or does it take more and more to register with you?
Society behaves like an animal cornered.

Alone no change can be made my father used to say.
Drastic steps need to be taken to curb the trend.
Or shall we all perish in our defiant denouncements?
Rally to this call one and all.
Enlist in the power of corruption at your peril.
D-day awaits those that stand in the way of what is right.

Bring your shovels, your pick axes and pikes.
Your banners a light with slogan’s of war.

Society will burn, don’t deny it.
Organise your beliefs and stand up, the time is now.
Consider your mandate given from your forebears.
Is it worth fighting for?
Even at the cost of losing all that you hold dear?
Ten to one you’ve thought of it as a means to an end.
Yet answer this truthfully, would you accept the mandate?

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