Nephew of mine

Wildfire has no passion compared to this child.
Idle tsunamis seem compared to his cries.
Laughter from him is more contagious than the black plague.
Left-handed, he controls his destiny and mine.
Intoxicated with love for him I can only watch on…
…As he runs coast to coast in his grandma’s kitchen.
My nerves can’t handle more than 5 minutes at a time!

Just to keep up with him is a mission!
Always he’s grabbing something here, something there!
Drat! He’s got that grin again!
Everything is in peril when he puts on that grin!
Nephew of mine, this child seems destined to rule!

Mastering my own grin, I declare on him…
…Child, don’t you dare!
…I’ll rat you out to grandma!
Never intending to do anything of the sort I glare down at him.
Totally oblivious to my glare he grabs hold of grandma’s curtains.
Yanking left – yanking right he starts to laugh!
Roaring with frustration I scream into the night – I give up!
Enough is enough! Child have some mercy on me!

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