Today there can be no excuse for this devilry.
Trust has left our lives forever and never shall it return.
To facilitate our destruction the serpent used sedition.

Reality kicks in as we watch our lives burn to ruins.
Running swiftly away this devil with forked tongue and tail departs.
Roaring our anger we set off after the one who conceived this devilry.

Evil our intentions I admit will be should we catch this devil in disguise.
Easily we track it – corner it but what a fight it puts up.
Early to late continues this holy war that will consume all others.

Answering the call for vengeance the crowds gather.
Angel versus Demon the war’s participant’s stand determined.
Alas I fear it will continue for an age upon age.

Coming from behind this devilry darkened the holy flame of light.
Cold fury and indignation this hideous act installs on our lives.
Clearly something must be done to forestall more of this corruption.

“Heaven is divided… Heaven is divided” the call rings throughout the sky.
Hatred I now clearly understand has a smell unlike any other.
Hatred permeates all now; it reeks from angel and demon alike.

Everything seems lost – for brother fights brother to death tonight.
Everything seems lost – for tonight evil was born from darkness.
Everything seems lost – for evil goes by the name of Beelzebub.

Rarely has one so unjust come to envelop the path of darkness.
Rest you shall not have evil one for I shall hunt you till the end of time.
Righteousness will win in the end you need not doubt.

Your actions will not be the death of them nor us evil one.
You gave the apple in disguise to Adam and Eve thus they shall not be killed.
Yet banished from the Garden of Eden they must be – all because of your selfish…

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