Solaris’s Messenger.

“Oh how lovely the sky seems to me” an elfin girl declares.
Standing on her tip-toe she salutes the fleeing sun.
At long last her lingering wait almost completed it is.
Low in the sky she spies her friend the lunar bowl creep up.

Risking once more her father’s reproach she has stayed out late tonight.
“It is all for a good cause!” she says out loud very determined.
She made a promise you see, and she always keeps her promises…
…and this is what she says.

“Lunar brother a message to you from your stellar sister I have,
…bequeathed to you another astral voyage she has,
…yet the same pledge she asks as always from you.
…Shine bright oh brother, shine bright!

…Lest the little one’s begin to fear the dark… shine bright!”

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