Traces in the dawn

In this death bed I rest my head after the twilight of another day.
A breeze rustles outside and with it the clouds gather…
…until the sky has been darkened as far as one can see.

In this quiet period I can think throughout the night.
It is a favourite pastime now I’ve reached my golden years.
It is how one would find me many a night for the day…
…the day it makes me drowsy, the birds song is too distracting.

No, I prefer the night… at night my recall is at its best.
It is then that the past comes rushing back.
All the grief and strife… the darkness I cannot undo…
Then I remember all the gifts of laughter in between and I know…
…it was a good life, one to be proud of; worthy of remembrance.

But now as I lie in this bed I notice once more…
…Where is the one that lies down beside me?
…Where is the one that knows my every thought?

Gone before her time, she left me my soul without its mirror.
“I can not go on my love” I said to her as we lay on her death bed.
Her answer as always “you must… you must for both our sakes…
…You were the one I chose and never could there be another”.

As I watch the dawn rise up above the sea and the wind moves in a hush.
I see traces of your hair emblazoned on the first golden rays.
I see your first blush with me on the rising red sun…
…and once more my eyes tear up with your beautiful vista.

Another day once more I face without your arm in mine…
This I can do for I know… you are still with me.
You are in my heart and in each trace of sunshine ray…
…as it dawns onto my eyes from the heavens above.

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