Democratic Drenching

From early to late lines formed.
Like ants in a row, hour in and hour out they stood.
One vote – one chance – one ruling party.

Over months they fought each other,
flinging mud names and the like,
all just to pry your precious vote from you in their favor.

They talk of power to the weak,
glory to all,
riches for the poor and freedom of choice…
…To do what with?

The same problems will still be out there…
Good versus Evil is an ongoing battle that is never won.
Do they believe that drenching us with idle words…
…that they can do what no one in human past could do?

The human race as such is a virus, but also…
…it is a freethinking virus capable of immense goodness.

So why do we have such democracy when we should unite?
Apart we fail - Together we can be so dangerous…

…Dangerously close to our savior and Lord Jesus Christ.
At peace with ourselves and all around us.

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