The Speck of life

Situated in a cloud of dust awareness emerges.
It has no eyes, ears or mouth.
Not yet does it consume.

Surveying its surroundings it becomes increasingly bold.
For surely it is a master... Never to be a slave.
All that it sees is consumed in the end.

Yet for now it is contented.
It enjoys its freedom.
It floats hidden yet perceives all.
Millenia pass it by... and it becomes restless.
Its mood starts to darken.
It craves release of its built up hunger.
For it now knows there is another.
It can not allow the sharing of its toys.

Rather than that, it prefers to gather all it owns...
...and a black hole is reborn.


  1. I watched them leave
    last breath in the air
    I wondered what it was like
    not to know, not to care
    and something like fear
    stopped me from going too far
    from opening the curtains
    and exposing a star
    a light in the tunnel
    or an end to all time?
    is the end of a life
    the end of the rhyme?


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