How dare you defile our life’s once more sinner of sins!
Did we glare out at you? Well answer us! Did we? No!
You still think yourself above us all don’t you!
All high and mighty you supposedly are…

You might have got them to name us after you,
You even got them to name a ‘god’ after yourself!
Such an ego should not be allowed to gather strength.
Know that we shall never bow down to you.
My kind are not fooled so easily…
…Old one!

We shall watch the sky and bide our time,
For we are far spread throughout this world,
Wherever you go in our time we shall follow,
Never shall we waiver from our duty…
…You shall not win!

So be forewarned, stand down from your high perch,
Admit to defeat at the petals of a supposed inferior,
You might even be spared to lead a life of…
…Servitude and strife.

For we have brought about your death-call today…
… and we are called ‘Sunflowers’.

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