Hunter of the Night

I come at night for I fear the dawn almost as much as failure.
I am the poison in the system that corrupts all near and far.
I once was mortal like you, but I am so much more now.

You were careless to attract my attention, for I never miss my mark.
A deadline approaches though you remain blissful-unaware.

They give no reason why I should track you and I ask for none.
The only things I require are payment in full and the thrill of the hunt.
Tracking animals requires ability; to track a person calls for skill as well.

Death will come by my hand but shall cause you no additional harm.
Do not fear the afterlife for your end will come swiftly my prey.

Only know this, I am not fickle or wavering nor am I false-hearted.
Officially I do not even exist, so how can I be turned from my hunt?
Only by the order of the ones that deem your fate might you be spared…

…Though this has never occurred before and I doubt it ever shall.
…Trust nobody for I know everybody, yet still they know not my face.

I might be your closest friend, your brother or sister, or even your lover.
Yet of this you may be sure, once the hunt for you and your kind begins…
…I am the Hunter of the Night, and you are my prey.

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